Mineral Point Liquid Deicer®
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About Mineral Point Liquid Deicer®

Mineral Point Liquid Deicer® was established in 2006, in demand for customers wishing to pretreat roadways, parking lots and sidewalks to provide a safer winter environment than rock salt alone. This new product and service, owned by Kollman Landscaping Inc., was to provide companies, contractors and municipalities with the optimum components to provide the safest possible winter environment.

Kollman Landscaping Inc. is a company with over 45 years of quality ownership and is the exclusive distributor to Mineral Point Liquid Deicer®.

Benefits of Mineral Point Liquid Deicer®

  • Pretreatment of roads with a return on investment of 60% within the first two hours of a snow fall event. It is better to take action and prevent accidents.
  • Mineral Point Liquid Deicer® keeps ice and snow from bonding to the pavement. Keep your employees and customers safe while reducing your claims and liability.
  • On municipal and private lots, Mineral Point Liquid Deicer®, has the ability to reduce the wear rate on seal coated and striped lots.
  • Price and product reliability. There may be a salt shortage which will cause a price increase in salt and additional supplies. Keep an alternative method available.
  • Provides positive prevention to limit slips, trips and falls and promote better walking conditions and cleaner appearance than granular salt.

Mineral Point Liquid Deicer® is able to sustain temperatures down to even the coldest day of the year. Our unique multi-purpose blend has been tested in controlled laboratories and in clinical trials had a freezing point of -40°F. Freezing points with 50% dilution occurred at 6°F. Because of its unique mixture, this serves a self sufficient product, as well as, an excellent addition to rock salt.

Unlike rock salt, which has to be applied at times of moisture, Mineral Point Liquid Deicer® uses its moisture from the air to activate, making it convenient to apply hours before the storm arrives. Using a liquid exceeds wasted bounce and scatter of rock salt.